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$2.5 Million 20 Pine Penthouse is Ready to Take a Loss

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When it comes to decor, #PH31 at 20 Pine is big on circles. But its sales history has been more of a downward spiral. The 3BR, 2BA in our old favorite came on the market back in 2008 for $2.95 million and sold in July for $2,749,275 to Marta and Gabriel Jaramillo. So far, not bad. Fast forward to March 2009, though, and things start to get wonky. The owners relisted the apartment for $3.1 million...and it's been on the market ever since, with its last PriceChop of 4 percent in January bringing it down to $2.495 million. At $1,333/square foot, that price is still, as one StreetEasy commenter notes, well above the building's average recorded price of $919/square foot. But maybe the sellers can save some money by taking the subway out.
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20 Pine Street

20 Pine Street, New York, NY