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Hey, Tourists: Outrage a Local for Half the Price

Anyone opening their Groupon e-mails for half-price flowers this morning might have noticed a familiar name among the deals: Hotel Toshi, the network of apartments being operated as short-term rentals. Those short-term rentals have already inspired fury in the neighbors, epic correspondence with the Curbed inbox, and a wave of complaints to the DOB. And now, for $125, the Groupon deal is offering $250 toward a stay at any Toshi property in Manhattan or Brooklyn. We took a look at what this actually means for a short-term rental, and it looks like $250 would get the tourist two nights in a MePa studio, one night in a Williamsburg 3BR, one night in a 10th Street 1BR, and nothing on Madison Avenue. Is the pricing on a sliding scale based on neighbor rage?
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