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World Trade Center's Norwegian Pavilion Getting Gridded

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Neither snow nor sleet nor sheets of ice can slow the progress down at the World Trade Center site these days, where the Visitor's Pavilion for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum is getting gridded for glazing. Things here need to be in place by next September for the ten year commemoration of the tragic events, so there's a deadline spurring things on. The metal and glass structure, from the Norwegian design firm Snøhetta, features a glazed atrium overlooking the twin memorial pools and Anna Wintour's new front door, where water will flow and the names of those lost will be memorialized.
Surrounded by a grove of oak trees, that atrium, now home to two steel tridents from the original Twin Towers, will be enclosed by a diagonal web-like structure. When complete, the illuminated space will provide "a distinctive glowing lantern" for visitors to the Memorial Plaza. The Memorial folks, in their stated architectural intentions for the building [Warning: PDF], explain why: "The overall effect is intended to provide a gem?like form, suggesting a sense of brightness and optimism within the Memorial glade."
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