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Housing Market Heat Map; Leaders Salute San Gennaro Decision

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NYC?Yes, we know that the Case-Shiller 20-city home price index isn't an accurate portrayal of the NYC real estate market (it doesn't include condos and co-ops). But that doesn't make this visual any less cool. It's the AP's Case-Shiller heat map, pointed out to us by Jonathan Miller, which adds some color to month-to-month market changes between January '08 and November 2010. The thing is, on this heat map, red is cold and blue is hot. Hey AP, ur doin it wrong! [AP via Matrix]

LITTLE ITALY?What are our elected leaders saying about Mayor Bloomberg's decision to let the San Gennaro festival be itself? Sheldon Silver, Lower Manhattan's Don Corleone, is "very pleased that the San Gennaro Feast will run its full length." Borough President Scott Stringer's statement says "Mayor Bloomberg made the right call in preserving the full length of the San Gennaro Festival. Some street fairs are known for tube socks and discount cosmetics; this is a renowned celebration of Italian American culture and cuisine"...that's also known for tube socks and discount cosmetics. [CurbedWire Inbox]