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UES House is $3.5 Million More Confident About the Market

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Among its many pricey real estate options, East 95th Street is home to townhouse twins at numbers 14 and 16. Their interiors were recently renovated to match, but that's about the only thing their stints on the market have in common. Number 14 sold last week for $14.25 million, after PriceChoppage from its original 2009 ask of $19,800,000. Market watchers saw that discounted sale as a great sign for the townhouse market, so if 16 East 95th Street does what it's trying to do, it might bowl market observers right over. After a two-month hiatus from the market, 16 East 95th was relisted for the expected $22.5 million yesterday?and promptly PriceUpped to $26 million. We think the extra 16 percent calls for some new visuals, above.
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