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Former Amity Street Horror Getting a New Neighbor in Cobble Hill

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After years of on-and-off-the-market shenanigans, Long Island College Hospital's Lamm Institute building at 110 Amity Street in Cobble Hill finally sold to three joint owners for $3.6 million, and plans are underway to carve the landmark up into three townhouse-style units. But what of the empty adjacent lots, three on Henry Street and one at 120 Amity Street, that were previously offered with the building in a package deal? The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans for new townhouses some time ago, but the Henry Street lots still haven't found a taker. As for 120 Amity Street, soon this patch of dirt will be speaking in a "modern vocabulary," we're told.

Construction just kicked off on the lot?which has a unique pricing history of its own?reports neighbor, garden designer and blogger Marie Viljoen, who is not looking forward to the noise. We got in touch with the new townhouse's designer, BKSK Architects (they're not doing the 110 Amity conversion, btw), who sent us the above rendering and some details:

It's a single-family residence to be occupied by the owners. The shoring is currently being put in place prior to excavation. Composed in a modern vocabulary, the scale and materials (masonry and cast stone) of the NYC Landmarks-approved exterior will harmonize with the strong nineteenth-century character of the area. Construction is estimated to be completed early 2012.Not many new single-family townhouses getting built from scratch these days, and this one looks like it fits right in. Classy enough for ya, Cobble Hill?
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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY