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$20M Price Cut Overshadows Park Avenue Penthouse's Decor

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In the distant past of 2007, in that surreal land called the Upper East Side, a financier-psychotherapist couple listed their triplex penthouse at 812 Park Avenue. It was the height of the market, but even so, the $36.5 million asking price was something of a shocker. Any jaws not brought to the floor by that number were taken care of with the penthouse's subsequent PriceChoppage, to $27.75 million, $22 million, and finally $15.9 million. That PriceChopper Hall of Fame-worthy asking price finally got the 5BR, 7BA co-op into contract, The Real Deal reports?to an unidentified buyer who will probably be paying $13M to $14M, every cent of it, as per building rules, in cash. All this was finally enough to send us scurrying for the listing photos, collected above. And then to the nearest eyewash station.

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812 Park Avenue

812 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021