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Site of Planned Prospect Park Tower Finds New Owner

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Last fall, we heard that the plans for the glassy 20-story Park Tower had fizzled, and project site was back on the market. As does sometimes happen in these situations, the site has now sold, blog PLOG reports. The buyer is 31 Lincoln Road Development LLC, and PLOG hears that the same LLC has picked up a few other Lincoln Road and neighborhood properties, too. When it was first announced, the tower was slated to include 86 condos, retail space, and one of the 24-hour color-changing LED light clocks that have become a trademark of project designer Gilman Architects. When the site returned to market, the broker thought it might be brought back to life as a rental in 2013 or 2014. But perhaps with a new look? If the local hatred didn't dissuade the new owners from resurrecting the design, maybe the Murano backlash will do it.
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