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City Council Plans to Put the Heat on Landlords With New Bill

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Good news for tenants whose landlords have had a little trouble with the concept of heat season: The City Council plans to pass a bill tomorrow that would impose harsher penalties on landlords who violate heat laws. Turns out that's a lot of landlords: the Journal notes that the city received 172,062 heat complaints between October and this past Sunday. Under the current law, landlords may be fined up to $500 per apartment per day for the first heat violation and up to $1,000 per unit per day for repeat violations. The new law would make the period under which something counts as a second offense two years instead of one. The bill, from slumlord chaser/Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, is meant to catch the attention of about 950 buildings where heat is a significant problem. Shape up, landlords, and you might still graduate.
· Stiffer Penalties Loom for Landlords Who Violate Heat Laws [WSJ]