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Arrested Nolita Development 290 Mulberry Hits the Market

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The SHoP-designed ghost building at 290 Mulberry Street has been empty so long the paint is peeling and the place has been officially classified as missing. And that's after the pre-foreclosure mess. But it's time to call the number on the milk carton, folks?290 Mulberry has been spotted. By an EV Grieve reader, who noticed a listing for the entire building, asking $25 million. (Somebody has to pay the Con Ed bill for that light show!) As per the brokerbabble, "NoLIta Development: 90% complete, 290 Mulberry Street is a newly developed 12 story building with ground floor retail and 9 lavish full floor apartments above." (Those apartments were once priced from $2.5M to $7.5M.) The listing estimates the new owner would have to put in about $2 million more to finish up construction. Will a developer finally deem it worth the investment?
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290 Mulberry Street

290 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012