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Buyers Already Falling Hard for Heights' Love Lane Mews

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Unlike many developers, who've taken the concept of waiting for the right moment to a whole new level as they put their projects on ice in hope of a better market, the development team at Brooklyn Heights' Love Lane Mews let a few listings sneak onto the market early. Not that the parking garage-turned-condos hasn't given us cause to be impatient, with a long and complicated construction process. That's all in the past, though. Today's Daily News reports that it's all offers and buyers these days at Love Lane Mews, where eight units are apparently in contract at the asking prices (with the highest so far at $4.25 million). What buyers like about it: the small town feel, with an empty street out front for playing catch. Just don't break any windows, kids! Stephen B. Jacobs worked too hard for that to happen.

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9 College Place

9 College Place, Brooklyn, NY