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Some People Still Upset That Williamsburg Has Changed

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In terms of blog fodder and commenter bait, this Observer story on Williamsburg pretty much hits all the Brooklyn hallmarks: A neighborhood nickname plucked out of thin air ("West Williamsburg"), anti-gentrification ranting from people who don't realize they are part of the imperialist death squad , a Starbucks mention, a stroller sighting and sweeping generalizations about neighborhood demographics ("It went from hipsterville to collegeville in the last year," one local says). In other words, it's too good for us to pass up! Here's a particular highlight:

"We moved here from L.A. and found our first apartment on Craigslist here," said Robin King, a fashion designer who moved to the neighborhood three years ago. He fears increasing gentrification in West Williamsburg. "[The gentrification] is kind of bad. I feel like it's going to make it more difficult for small business to stay alive. And that's what gives it the neighborhood feel."Preach on, gentrification-fighting L.A. fashion designer. The story also mentions that "Fuck Off" is scrawled on a window at the Edge, but we just circled the condo complex and couldn't find it. West Williamsburg populist rage: easily contained by the janitorial staff.
· West Williamsburg: 'From Hipsterville to Collegeville in the Last Year' [NYO]

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