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$14 Million for a Full Floor of Richard Meier's 165 Charles

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Names, not numbers, usually stand out at architect Richard Meier's trio of waterfront West Village condo towers, but here's an attention-grabber that has nothing to do with Jackmans, Portmans, Kleins, Kidmans or, uh, Marthas: $14 million. That's the price slapped on a new listing from brokerage Town Residential for the entire second floor of 165 Charles Street, which was the last tower to be added to Meierville. The 5,000-square-foot spread was once four separate apartments, and there's apparently still some separation. According to the listing, "Combine all four apartments or leave one of the studios as a home office or as a guest suite as is shown in the alternate floor plan." Sound like a lot of work? Here's the reward: 45 feet of glass?21 feet high, mind you?facing the Hudson River. Even on the second floor, that ain't too shabby.

The seller is Michael Holtz, owner of boutique travel agency Smart Flyer and a noted real estate flipper, his 2008 sale at 15 Central Park West being a particular highlight (the guy has a thing for starchitecture!). Holtz was actually one of the first tenants to move into the north Meier tower on Perry Street, and his spread was featured in 2004 in New York magazine. He acquired his first two apartments at 165 Charles in 2005, and added the other two in 2008. He spent just under $9.9 million on the apartments, not counting any additional work. So is this truly an "unparalleled opportunity," as the brokers claim, or will second floor status turn off the big bucks buyers?

The floorplans are a bit hard to read, but here's the second floor as it was originally laid out:

And here's the proposed alternate layout:

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165 Charles Street

165 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014