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Kelsey Grammer Treats His Apartments Like His Wives

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We watched Kelsey Grammer spend months on his apartment hunt last year, renting in 15 CPW, visiting 200 Eleventh Avenue, and finally settling on Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue. Or so we thought. Grammer was reported to be in contract for a $6.5 million four-bedroom, which we guessed might be #19A. The apartment sold in November to a Malibu-based LLC, but if it was indeed Grammer's place?not for long. He and his new wife, Kayte Walsh, are now considering an apartment in the Plaza, the Post reports, after getting married there. They looked (with Grammer's son and their little dog, too) at a $9.9 million 2BR, which we're thinking might be #305. The seller is one of the Plaza's more optimistic, since the unit sold in 2008 for $7,843,366.

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