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Now Direct Your Envious Glares to the Youngest Brownstone Owner

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As if being the youngest SNL writer wasn't good enough for Simon Rich, he's now also the youngest brownstone owner ever. The 26 year old just bought 12 Warren Place in Cobble Hill for $1,198,000. The broker who sold it to him, Debra LaChance also happened to be the owner of the house and it sounds like she's pleased she sold it to someone like Simon, saying "It was nice to go to someone that nice. He seems like someone who will really appreciate the home." It's probably not the hardest thing in the world to appreciate the house, and it must be charming enough for him since he left his apartment in bucolic Brooklyn Heights for the house where "you come home, you turn the corner and it takes you right outside this world." Well, we hope Simon enjoys his cute new house. Because, you know, it's not like we're jealous or anything like that.

· Simon Rich, Youngest SNL Writer Ever, Now Youngest Brownstoner Owner Ever [Observer]