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Fifth Willow Street Townhouse in Brooklyn Heights on the Market

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If our math is right on this one, there are now five townhouses for sale on Willow Street now that 26 Willow Street is on the market. In addition to the Capote house at 70 Willow, 69 Willow Street aka Blue Beauty, 47 Willow Street, and and 46 Willow Street, this house is entering a pretty crowded market. It can definitely hold its own, having a charming interior and a nice facade. The negative is that it's on the narrow side judging from the floorplan and while charming, the interior is a little vanilla making the asking price of $3,800,000 an issue. Where would you rank this one on the list of the Willow Street Five? · Listing: 26 Willow Street [BHS]