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A Ditmas Park Dream Becomes Reality

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Bennett Fischer always had a love for the Victorian houses south of Prospect Park, and even when he lived in Brooklyn Heights he dreamed of living in an old house in an area with a certain "neighborhood" feel. As these stories go, he got married and the couple moved into one of those houses, paying $270,000 for a 20th century house on Rugby Road. The house wasn't totally up to date, and there were some significant issues that had to be dealt with (it needed a new roof and there were some wiring problems). They got most of it up to date, but the house still has it's old school charms.

A survey of the old details of the home include, "The downstairs fireplaces, once fueled by coal, are framed by columns and topped with mirrors. The sideboard in the dining room is among the many built-ins. The walls are edged with bright white molding, and Mr. Fischer swears he will one day open up the walls between the living and dining rooms to liberate the pocket doors. Pebbly stained-glass windows depicting golden urns draped with ribbons and holding crimson flowers march along the stairwell. A curved ceiling tops the spacious front hall, and a coffered ceiling adds a touch of class to the dining room. “

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