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290 Mulberry Street is New York's Saddest Starchitecture

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Not even a wavy brick facade dreamed up by hometown heroes (maybe not to those who live near Atlantic Yards) SHoP Architects can distract from the unfinished condos at 290 Mulberry Street, or the defects?like the peeling seen above?that have gotten worse as the ghost tower twisted in the wind of the credit crunch. The building, with 8 full-floor 3BR/3BA apartments topped by a triplex 3BR/3BA penthouse, is now up for grabs for $25 million, and it's estimated that an additional $2 million is needed to finish the construction job. Curious about the current state of the interiors, we asked for a peek inside, only to get rejected harder than Antonio Banderas at the Dakota. But then we remembered something: We've already been inside the darn thing!

September 2008 feels like a lifetime ago, and in many ways, it is. It's also when the brokers at CORE opened up the 290mulberryLAB on the ninth floor, a temporary sales office/showroom. At the time large parts of the building were unfinished, and colorful characters were stenciled on exposed metal and ducts. Flashback with us, if you will:

We're guessing 290 Mulberry probably doesn't look much different today, though we wonder if someone has made off with those fancy faucets. Here's a look at the unfinished balconies on the south facade. Investors, what say you about that $25 million price tag?

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290 Mulberry Street

290 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012