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Penthouse Puzzle Solved, Here's What $12.5M Buys at Dev House

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[Photos by Wll Femia.]

So far the classy condo conversion of pre-war rental building the Devonshire House has had an easy time unloading its Victoria Hagan-designed apartments to the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Ian Schrager's in-laws and Brooklyn-raised racehorse owners. This, despite the building launching sales during the darkest of times. And now that the luxury market is on more steroids than a Kentucky Derby winner, the Devonshire's most prized possession is back in a big way. Time to crack open the Curbed Archives.

Ten months ago we visited Penthouse #12E right after all the walls were ripped out. Half a dozen former rental apartments were being combined into one 4,137-square-foot duplex that hit the market at $12.5 million. We saw little sign of what was to come on our first trip inside, so we went back to the top two floors of the Emery Roth-designed building in September. The penthouse was still very much a rough draft, and the listing had been taken off the market until a final product could be shown to buyers. Hey, that's now!

The 3BR/4.5BA condo, the biggest and last remaining unsold penthouse in the building, is back on the market at the same price, $12.5M. Stribling's Robert McCain invited us in for our third and final trip upstairs, and through our tears (we hate goodbyes!), we were able to snap the above photos of what has to be one of the best Downtown penthouses on the market. Flip through the gallery above for a look at the results of almost a year of renovations, and let the floorplan below guide you on the final stop of this journey?until the place sells, of course. We'll be all over that like Ryan Phillippe on a Seyfried.

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The Devonshire

28 east 10th street, New York, New York