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Make it to 175 Kent and Win...a More Expensive Rental

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The first listings in Williamsburg's long-awaited rental building 175 Kent snuck onto the market in January, but the official launch is happening in early April, Crain's reports. Apparently, that means things are getting more expensive: all of the rental listings already live on StreetEasy have seen their rents raised by 14 percent. The cheapest unit is now a $2,625/month studio, and the priciest is a $4,463/month 2BR. (Hey, rooftop putting greens don't come cheap.) And there's a treat to tide prospective renters over: Tour de Burg, an online game in which the goal is to take a bike ride from Manhattan to Williamsburg, "dodging crazy drivers and kamikaze pigeons as you go." Interactive and topical! The objective? "Make it to 175 Kent and you win. Just like in real life."
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175 Kent Ave.

175 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY