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West Chelsea Luxury Rentals Losing Their Light Show

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We've heard of treetop views, but what about towertop views? Residents in Related's luxury rental building The Tate at 535 West 23rd Street have been enjoying them, but one tenant knows that all good things must come to an end. The reason? The new rooftop gymnasium that will sit on top of the old warehouse at 259 Tenth Avenue, three blocks north. That building is being converted to the Avenues private school. Our tipster sends along pics of her current view, adding, "Note that the height extension will block our view of the awesome New Yorker sign and the sparkly Midtown lightshow at night... bummer." But if it leads to the next homegrown basketball star?Ron Artest and Stephon Marbury went to posh Manhattan private schools, right??it'll all be worth it.
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