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Staten Island's Fresh Kills Dump-Turned-Park Is Falling Fast

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Any cyclists on the way to bike maintenance station planned for Staten Island's Freshkills Park might want to take a rest stop. Possibly a long one. The 30-year plan to convert the Fresh Kills dump into a huge park has hit a snag: the park is sinking. The Post reports that the foundation of the project's first segment, the soccer fields that will make up Owl Hollow Fields (above), has already dropped between eight inches and a foot since it was put down in October 2009. The fields are only 15 to 20 percent done, but they've already cost $14 million (original budget: $6.8 million) and will take at least two more years to finish. Embrace it, we say! A rebranding as Ow, it's Hollow! Fields couldn't possibly add much more to the final price.
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