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Latest 34th Street Plan Just Calls for Bus and Loading Lanes

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The 34th Street Transitway plan has been out of sight for a few weeks getting some major surgery after neighborhood backlash led the DOT to remove the pedestrian plaza from the plans. Today the community will get a look at the latest revision, and the Times has an early reveal to let the rest of us in on the fun. The new plan calls for two car and truck lanes, one each going east and west, with bus-only lanes on either side. Instead of separating the bus lanes with concrete barriers, the street will get only the terra cotta-colored lanes already being used on First and Second avenues. As for the other major neighborhood complaint?no curbside car and truck access for local residents and businesses?the plan now calls for a parking and loading lane in a few spots. How are folks responding so far? Let's check the react-o-matic!
We'll have to wait for the full community reaction, but transportation blog Second Avenue Sagas is...not exactly loving the new proposal: "The once and former Transitway will go down in history as another great idea for the transportation landscape...that fell victim to the complaints of its neighbors." Harsh! His pick for a more accommodating Transitway location: Queens Boulevard.
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