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Hudson River Park Wants the Neighbors to Give Back

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The idea didn't work for the High Line and hasn't even gotten off the ground at Brooklyn Bridge Park, but perhaps the third time's the charm for the idea of the park improvement district. One, which would levy a tax on local commercial and residential property owners, is now being proposed for Hudson River Park, the Journal reports, with Friends of Hudson River Park kicking off the process of trying to build support. The district's borders haven't been set, but it could include about 1,700 properties west of Hudson Street and Tenth Avenue and take in $5 million to $10 million annually for park upkeep. If more than half of the property owners object, the district can't move forward, but the steering committee isn't expecting quite that much resistance. Why? Because the neighbors should be grateful, obvi! According to a 2008 report, the park has brought the neighborhood within a two-block radius a 20 percent increase in property values.
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