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Cobble Hill Landmark Seeks Blessing Before Conversion

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Things are now moving quickly for what was once referred to as the Amity Street Horror, aka the old Lamm Institute building at 110 Amity Street in Cobble Hill. The new owners just unveiled plans for turning the historic 14,000-square-foot building into three townhouse-style units, and now the 110 Amity renovations are already headed to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for approval. However, a couple of the proposed changes might slow down this conversion's momentum.

A grandiose front door in wood and glass, modeled after the original and befitting Morticia and Gomez, has been deemed appropriately historical by Brooklyn's Community Board 6 and should win kudos from the commissioners. A new doorway cut through the bricks out back might be more problematic, and the previously approved "minor rooftop addition" has become more major, growing an additional five feet in width. Numerous photo studies, showing how the vertical extension will be nearly invisible from the street may or may not win the case.

The creative crew in charge is from RKT&B Architecture and Urban Design, and we wish them better luck here than they've been having with their still-a-hole-in-the-ground project at 433 Broadway in Soho. If everything for 110 Amity gets approved, then renovations can begin posthaste, and if the spirits of Amity Street are in good cheer then work here might finish up just about when the new neighbors move into their just-started townhouse next door.
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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY