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March Madness at LPC: 510 Fifth Chided, 110 Amity Approved

In the past two days we've covered three interesting projects that were scheduled for run-ins with the Landmarks Preservation Commission today. Here's what happened!

1) 510 Fifth Avenue: The LPC didn't vote on Vornado's planned changes to the Manufacturers Trust Company building, which was made an interior landmark amid fears that the Gordon Bunshaft box o' Modernism was about to be messed with even more than it has been in recent years. The commissioners supported the plan to change the use of the building (Canadian retailer Joe Fresh will be moving in) and restore much of it, but mixed reviews were given to the moving of the twin lobby escalators and the creation of two new entrances on Fifth Avenue. Back to the drawing board. The Times has more.

2) 110 Amity Street: The exterior alterations proposed for this Cobble Hill oldie were unanimously approved, so the conversion into three (fabulously expensive, no doubt) residences can proceed. There was no public testimony.

3) 95 Horatio Street; The freight train bas-relief sculpture on the big blank wall opposite the High Line's starting point was also approved by the LPC. TF Cornerstone's application for a painted wall sign on the Ninth Avenue side of the building was postponed at their request.
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510 Fifth Avenue

510 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY