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Williamsburg Duplex Has Moment of Fame During Hunt for a Buyer

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We're obsessed with today's Wall Street Journal daily real estate porn for so many friggin' reasons. Here are a few:

1) It's in Williamsburg, but off Lorimer. The WSJ ventures east!
2) At $619,000, it has to be the cheapest house o' the day yet.
3) It also might be the first money-losing house o' the day, after originally selling for $578k and undergoing at least $30k in renovations.
4) It's one of those Scarano-esque "duplexes" that sprouted in bunches during the boom.
5) Wait a second, it is a Scarano! It's #3A at 63 Stagg Street.
6) On why the couple bought: "This was screaming at us."
7) On why they're selling: Two kids later, they've already decamped for Park Slope, 'natch.

Not to mention the two balconies and private deck that we couldn't find on the floorplan, seen below. So, is this place screaming at anyone else?

· Call of 18-Foot Ceilings in Brooklyn Duplex [WSJ]
· Listing: 63 Stagg Street #3A [aptsandlofts]