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Will the Next Preservation Battle Be Fought at 140 Bowery?

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It looks like 35 Cooper Square is not going to be saved. So is there any hope for Federal-style architecture on the Bowery? Er, maybe not. A Bowery Boogie reader reports that 140 Bowery, the street's other Federal-style holdout (right), appears to be for sale as part of a two-building package (without an asking price). Says the Bowery Boogie tipster, "While there are only a hand full of federal buildings left in the city, just a few of them are this early squat 2 1/2 story type. It is essential to distinguish the difference between these and the taller elegant federal homes...These were the homes of New York’s early working class families." Preservationists, start your letter-writing, sign-making, vigil-holding engines!
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