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Inside Manhattan's $90 Million Mansion

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Four days wasn't enough advance warning to truly prepare us for this, but folks, the moment is here: Manhattan's $90 million mansion has officially hit the market. The 35-foot-wide townhouse at 4 East 80th Street, with its 10 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, and 3 kitchens spread over 18,000 square feet, was purchased by late gym mogul Lucille Roberts in 1995 for $6 million, and her family is attempting the resale now with hopes for a slight profit. If those photos aren't enough, townhouse superbroker Paula Del Nunzio brings all her powers to bear on the brokerbabble, which goes through the history of the landmark house starting with its design by C.P.H. Gilbert for Frank Woolworth's middle daughter. Del Nunzio neglects the house's role in the French Revolution, when an angry mob stormed the building in search of Marie Antoinette.
As for what's inside, there's plenty not shown in the listing photos (gotta get something for that $90 million): a 50-person dining room, a 35-foot-wide library/wet bar/powder room combo on the third floor, a gym, a master suite with two sitting rooms on the fourth floor, and a staff suite.

Del Nunzio also takes a stab at the pressing question raised by the listing, which is, if Manhattan's most expensive single residential sale ever was $53 million, and the next most-expensive listing on the market is $72 million, why pay $90 million for this? "While the other great mansions that have come on the market in New York have been shells requiring total renovation, this is the only mansion to be formally available that has been fully renovated in a traditional prewar style. Never before could one acquire such a magnificent building in this condition." Now we just feel silly for asking!
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4 East 80th Street

4 East 80th Street, New York, NY