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The New 34th Street Transitway, Now With Visual Aids

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We got the first look at the latest 34th Street Transitway plan yesterday, in advance of a community meeting with some of the folks who helped to send the previous version of the plan back to the drawing board. Now DNAinfo files an update, along with some easy-to-understand graphics of the new 34th Street. The official word on the makeover: between Third and Ninth avenues, the street will be divided into five lanes. There will be one dedicated bus lane and one lane for cars and other vehicles going in each direction. The fifth lane would switch between sides of the street and would include loading zones, right-turn areas, and "bus bulbs" for stops and seating. There will be 300 commercial parking spots for loading and unloading, which is seven times more than can be found on 34th Street today. As for the locals, they seem to like it! Victory?

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