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Another of 15 Central Park West's Most Wanted Hits the Market

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All hail the Limestone Jesus's D-line apartments, worshiped for their roomy 3BR/4BA layouts (on upper floors) and drop-dead-gorgeous Central Park views. In a building full of resales that obey no man-made laws of the market, the D-line gets some of the heftiest markups. The latest: #28D, which sold in January 2008 for just under $9 million to Toms River doctor Kock-Yen Tsang, who once flipped an apartment in the Time Warner Center a few doors down. Tsang's asking price is $25,000,000 for this prized possession, which comes out to about $7879/sqft. Hey, we've seen worse at 15 CPW.
· Listing: 15 Central Park West #28D [Corcoran]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023