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Martha Stewart's Neighbors Won't Let Her Have a Helicopter

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Martha Stewart ate her first Pop-Tart on last night's Craig Ferguson show, but we're far more interested in her response to Ferguson's questioning about her daily NYC-to-Bedford commute (she owns a sprawling estate in Westchester County). Asked Fergusion, "Do you have a helicopter?" Martha's response: "No, a car. You're not allowed to land helicopters in Bedford. It's one of those hoity-toity communities, they don't allow noise." Eater National has a full recap of Martha's appearance, and they were kind enough to send us the above video clip, which is worth watching just for the sing-song way Martha says "Beeed-ford." But we're confused: Who's being the snob in this situation?
· Martha Stewart Eats Pop-Tarts on Craig Ferguson [Eater National]