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West Village House With a Famous Neighbor Has a New Look

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If you asked us before today what we knew about 75 Bedford Street, our response would have been, "The house next to the half!" Its nine-and-a-half-foot-wide neighbor, 75 ½ Bedford Street, is New York City's narrowest townhouse, and 75 ½ Bedford made international headlines when it sold last year for over $2 million. But it turns out that 75 Bedford is more than just a sightseeing stop's wingman. The 3BR/3BA house just hit the market through Elliman for $6.8 million, and you're going to want to take a look.

Bedford Street is lined with some of the West Village's oldest houses, so we were in no way prepared for the ultra-modern look found behind that brick facade, nor were we expecting those huge windows on the building's backside. Quoth the listing, "Behind this historically restored façade, awaits an extraordinary light filled artist's residence," and that artist, as far as we can determine, is Motoe Shiratori. Another name that pops up with Shiratori on old records is Leonard Langman. A Brooklyn-based neurologist named Leonard Langman was accused last month by federal officials of health care fraud. There's a business called Neurological Associates that lists 75 Bedford Street as an address.

The brokerbabble says the renovation was designed by architect M.N. Ahari, whose website has even more photos, as well as this description of the home's inspiration: "The conceptual design for this brownstone evolved from the client's desire to display everyday found bottles as well as a contemporary art collection." So the design was influenced by garbage? Let's at least hope the bottles get rinsed before going on display. Click through the gallery for a peek inside, unless you're allergic to cats.
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