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Co-ops, Condos Consider Bans on Smoking in Apartments

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Rental complex Waterside Plaza recently banned smoking in its public outdoor spaces. But that's a minor move compared to what many residential buildings are now contemplating: banning smoking in apartments. The Journal reports that at least six Manhattan co-ops will ask their shareholders to vote on smoking bans this spring, with another dozen co-ops and condos pondering a similar move. Why now? Partly because of the city's new rules about smoking in parks, and partly out of fears that in-building smoking will lead to more lawsuits. Already a valid concern, and the Journal uncovers another suit at 200 Chambers Street, where a couple is asking a neighbor for $25,000 in smoke-related damages.

But will the bans pass? Perhaps not! Residents are still worried about declining property values and infringed privacy rights as a result of a ban, so the anti-smoking contingents might not have a large enough majority when it comes time to vote. Renting might be a solution.
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