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PriceChopped Park Avenue Penthouse Finally Finds a Buyer

The penthouse at 630 Park Avenue has a wacky enough history to fill all of its 10 rooms and wraparound terraces, and then some. The theoretically 4BR, 5BA spread is just raw space right now, the listing admits. How raw? The pricing history gives us a few flashing neon clues going all the way back to 2006, when the property hit the market for $17 million. The price took a few giant chops after that, to $12.5 million, $8.5 million, and finally $6.5 million. Which actually turned out to be a little low, even if it did get the apartment into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame. The apartment has sold for $7.616 million, according to a deed that hit public record today. (The maintenance is a whopping $7,287/month.) The buyers are William Marco Birch and Katherine Leahy Birch. We wish them luck!
The listing offers "architectural plans available on request." But we're guessing the floorplan on the listing is what the penthouse actually looked like in its less raw days:

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630 Park Avenue

630 Park Avenue, New York, NY