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Tribeca's Saddest Private Pool Now Asking $5.995 Million

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When apartment #1A at 51 Walker Street showed up in an episode of Selling New York last season, the dark interior, hobbit-sized hallways, and odd private outdoor pool led even the broker to ask whether the apartment was really in Tribeca. That's when you know it's a winner! Somewhat predictably, the apartment?then priced at $8 million?went off the market, apparently to a renter paying $20,000/month. It was listed and de-listed a few more times with PriceChops, and as of yesterday, it's back again, at a new low price of $5.995 million. (It last sold in 2006 for $2,085,330.) Low enough for a buyer to finally dive in?
An old listing has what might be a more flattering shot of the pool setup:

And here's the floorplan of the whole thing:

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51 Walker Street

51 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013