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Now Anyone Can Party in a Former Real World House

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The old red-brick warehouse at the end of Pier 41 in Red Hook seemed like an odd choice for a tricked-out The Real World abode, but in 2008 MTV stashed its cast there for a few months of Brooklyn-based shenanigans. The isolated locale led to, in our humble reality-TV-obsessed opinion, a snoozer of a RW season (their hangout was Fairway, for cryin' out loud), and the jaw-dropping New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty views from Pier 41 were probably the best part of the show. So what happens to a reality TV dreamhouse after the cameras stop rolling? A garage sale, for starters, and now a transformation into a $195-a-head wedding venue and banquet hall called the Liberty Warehouse. Hey, at least people are still getting drunk in there!

Though a Daily News story today on the Liberty Warehouse makes it seem like plans are still in the works?leaseholder Buzzy O'Keeffe (of Dumbo restaurant/wedding hot spot the River Café) just filed a liquor license application?it looks like several couples have already gotten hitched where Chet the virginal Mormom and JD the gay Latino uncomfortably shared a hot tub. Talk about adaptive re-use! Check out the Liberty Warehouse site for more photos of the revamped building and its lofty Harbor Room.
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