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Drive Into the Upper East Side's Apthorp Lookalike for $6 Million

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Feel like you've seen the above courtyard around these parts before? You haven't. That's the Apthorp. This is 1185 Park Avenue, on the other side of Central Park from the Big A and its bionic hydrangeas. According to CityRealty, 1185 Park is "one of the very few grand courtyard apartment buildings left in Manhattan and the only one still standing on Park Avenue." Bike lane vigilantes can hate on things with four wheels all they want, but they can't tell us there isn't something special about having the chauffeur pull through this arched entrance on the commute home:

So what's it take to get inside? Well, the above photos come from a new-to-market listing for a 4BR/3.5BA co-op unit on the fifth floor, repped by Raphael De Niro. It's asking $5.995 million, and the maintenance is $4,616 per month (gotta keep that courtyard looking spiffy!). The surgeon who bought it paid $3.75 million in 2009, and the writeup does mention a recent renovation. Here's your daily dose of herringbone:

· Listing: 1185 Park Avenue #5H [Elliman]

1185 Park Avenue

1185 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128