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Dream Hotel Hit With Lawsuit; Midtown T.G.I. Friday's Might Close

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) UES: The Upper East Side branch of Flex Mussels is closed for a few days due to a small fire. The chef was not abducted by aliens. Really.

2) Midtown: The T.G.I. Friday's outpost on Broadway and 46th Street may be closing, given that the building is on the market. For anyone made unhappy by that?and unwilling to visit one of the other seven Midtown locations of T.G.I. Friday's?Eater's got the chain restaurant alternatives covered.

3) MePa: The Dream Downtown Hotel has already been hit with its first $30 million lawsuit over a handshake deal between the hotel and a potential operator of its rooftop pool and club. Now that this important milestone has been reached, can we all just grab some Swiss cheese and calm down?

4) West Village: Little League parents aren't the only ones who oppose Westway, the proposed strip club-turned-lounge at 75 Clarkson Street. So do the liquor license-granting powers.

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