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Mott Street Armory Hiding a Second Stunning Loft Renovation

Take one 1850s armory and add condos. The result: one loft conversion where the apartments have been around long enough to need refreshing once in a while. And so it is at 262 Mott Street, where earlier this year we got a peek at a bookish stunner of a renovation. Here's another, at apartment #2S. According to the brokerbabble, the work on this one was done by architect Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD, who put in translucent partitions and floating walls to divide rooms while maintaining the flow. Carlos Dominguez picked up the property for $1,018,190 in 2004 and is attempted to resell it for $3.475 million. Its renovated neighbor sold for $3.525M, so #2S might have a knack for getting things right.

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