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Stanford Wants to Build $250 Million Campus on Roosevelt Island

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Mayor Bloomberg shouted from the hilltops that he's desperate to lure a top-level graduate engineering program to New York City, and 18 "expressions of interest" just came in from schools around the world. One early favorite is Stanford University, which has proposed a full-on satellite campus that would reward students with 100% genuine degrees. Today the Times fills in more details on Stanford's plan, which seeks to revive the Goldwater Hospital site on the northern tip of Roosevelt Island, a piece of property that's been on architects' minds for a while. Take, for example, that 2009 vision seen above. Remember, Stanford: No copying.

Governors Island and the Brooklyn Navy Yard have also been suggested as potential campus sites, but the Palo Alto brainiacs are dreaming of a campus floating in the East River that might one day include 2,200 students and hundreds of staff members (the poor tram!). The first phase of Stanford East could be completed by the end of 2015 and would cost about $250 million, paid for by Stanford itself along with supplements by the city and philanthropists. Will city officials lean Stanford's way? According to the Times, "For sheer enthusiasm and ambition, it may prove difficult to match Stanford University." Better step your game up, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology!
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