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West Village 'Italian Country House' Includes Bathtub in a Bedroom

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At Soho's 49 Howard Street, sticking a bathtub in the middle of a master bedroom helped increase an apartment's value by nearly $700,000. Will this unorthodox bathing arrangement become a trend? Not if what's going on at 45 Perry Street is any indication. Apartment #15-16 in the West Village co-op is ashamed of its bedroom bathtub. There it is in the floorplan, but there are no pictures of tubby time, and the brokerbabble?which goes into great detail about the 1,100sqft 2BR/2BA's "Italian country house" motif and "Old World charm"?only casually mentions "modern updates such as a Jacuzzi tub." The asking price is $1.095 million, down $200,000 from when it was first listed 10 months ago. StreetEasy commenters are chiming in on the decor.

One eyewitness writes, "i went to open house here. while it is a bit strange, the apartment is unique. feels like you are in firenze. i cant see myself living here all year round. but if someone were to use it part time, it would be very cool. not your cookie cutter apartment." Adds another commenter: "So someone wanted a tub the size of my car but the bathroom was too small so...plop it in the bedroom! Brilliant. When I wanted that 6 burner Thermador range that didn't fit my small kitchen, I just never thought to put it in the bedroom instead." Now that's an idea! Who needs a fireplace when some bedside burners can keep you extra cozy? Plus, you'll no doubt get to meet some hunky firefighters!
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