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Some Surprisingly Object to 40-Story Greenpoint Tower

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The city has long been rooting for a wacky proposal to put two towering Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects-designed apartment buildings on Greenpoint's waterfront. The plan is now even closer to happening, the Journal reports, because the city's Industrial Development Agency has okayed the sale of some underwater land to developer Stiles Properties LLC. Wait...underwater land? Here's where things get interesting, though not in the way the words "underwater land" generally have us hoping. The developer would be allowed up to 40,000 more residential square feet for his two towers if he also builds a pier at the end of Java Street. Unfortunately, locals aren't totally excited about either the pier or the new construction. As local City Council member Steve Levin tells the Journal, "Essentially you have a developer getting 40,000 of additional space for building a pier that nobody asked for." Well, when you put it like that! But Stiles Properties will also be building a pier that people did ask for, the future East River ferry stop on India Street. Enough to win over the neighbors?
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