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Amenity Overload, $3,400 Studios at New Rental Tower MiMA

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[Pool, bball court and screening room renderings by dbox.]

The new Related Companies tower at 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue, the 60-story rental/Yotel/Gehry theater combo, continues to amaze us. Not only did the thing get built in about a day last summer, but it turns out the building is pretty much its own self-contained universe. And that universe has a name: MiMA, for Middle of Manhattan (get it?). The new website lists a handful of available units (renderings/floorplans above) with move-ins beginning May 1. As for prices, they appear to start at $3,430/month for studios, $3,595/month for one-bedrooms, $4,970/month for Junior 4 units with two bathrooms, and $5,995/month for full-fledged two-bedrooms. Those are some hefty numbers, even with the thrifty starchitecture just downstairs. Is MiMA worth it?
What the middle of Manhattan doesn't have, MiMA seeks to provide in the form of amenities, a few of which are also shown in the gallery above. Here's the full list:

We've put a call in to the Related rental team to get some more info on incentives and leasing. In the meantime, we leave you with this description of our favorite amenity, Dog City:

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