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FiDi Frenzy: Boutique Hotel, 60-Story Rental Tower Planned

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Now that New York by Gehry has had its curvy moment in the sun, it's time for the announcement of the next luxury rental tower to hit FiDi. They sure show up fast, don't they? This one won't be boasting starchitect input, but it does have the coolness factor of a conversion, because it involves two former American Stock Exchange buildings at 86 Trinity Place and 22 Thames Street. The owners, investor Michael Steinhardt and a partner, dish on their plans to the Journal, and they've got everything: retail, boutique hotel, and apartments. The 86 Trinity Place building with its 60-foot ceilings will be converted into a retail complex topped by a 174-room boutique hotel. Over on Thames Street, the 10-story building at number 22 will be demolished and replaced with a likely 60 stories of luxury rentals. Hey, all those Conde Nast editorial assistants will need a place to live.
· Trading Places: Old Exchange to Go Retail [WSJ]

86 Trinity Place

86 Trinity Place, New York, NY

86 Trinity Place, New York, NY