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A Home That Stayed In The Family, Through Good And Bad

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Carol Zakaluk has lived in a row house in Mott Haven in the Bronx that's been owned by her family for generations, and little has changed in terms of its aesthetic. She's stubbornly stayed in the area through the dark days of the '60s, but it's seen it's fare share of gentrification and she's got some young tenants who have replaced the junkies passed out on the street. The house is full of history, with the most renovation that it's seen being when she got rid of "the old Vulcan gas stove, which dated from 1921, and the old G.E. refrigerator that my grandparents had used and was at least 50 years old" There's a lot of eye candy in the slide show, especially if you nerd out on vintage items. Carol also mentions something about her parents sticking around as ghosts, but we'll steer clear of that part.

· South Bronx Lair and Sanctuary [NYT]