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Affordable Housing Hits Close to Home for Several NYC Politicians

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Ground broke at the Elliott Chelsea, the new middle class-housing at Ninth Avenue and 25th Street, only after the building went a few rounds with the neighbors?over parking spaces, name theft, arboricide, and garbage. Specifically, the fact that the initial plans for the Elliott Chelsea called for putting the trash compactors right next to the neighboring Heywood building. As residents objected to the plans, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got involved, allegedly telling the New York City Housing Authority the building wouldn't get its needed zoning change until the trash problem was fixed. The result was a $1.2 million ventilated trash garage?and Quinn's decision to move to the Heywood, the Daily News reports. Quinn's partner, Kim Catullo, closed on a $1.3 million 2BR, 2BA in the building last month. (Quinn tells DNAinfo there's no connection between the trash issue and her decision to buy in the building.)
The Daily News also shares the results of an investigation into City Council members who've gotten real estate tax breaks by declaring primary residences elsewhere and affordable housing despite being over the income limit. Our favorite might be the council member who allegedly ignored DOB inspectors who showed up to investigate a potential illegal conversion on his property. Still, nobody beats Charlie Rangel.
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