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Inside the Pre-Conversion Williamsburgh Savings Bank

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The news hit this morning that the landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank at 175 Broadway is being renovated in preparation for a new life as an event space and banquet hall. The overhaul will leave some of the bank's interior features, such as two large safes, intact. But we didn't have much idea of what those interior features looked like?until now! Archpaper shares some shots from inside the building, as well as an update from architect Jorge Bosch. The kitchens in the basement are already under construction, and owner Juan Figueroa is also interested in putting a museum somewhere in the building to display the work of Brooklyn artists. There might also be a music performance space, but it sounds like things are still in the brainstorm stage.

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Williamsburgh Savings Bank

175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211