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Private Garage, Light Well Can't Sell West Village Mansion

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We're not sure how 230 West 10th Street escaped our notice for 130 days, but it's time to make up for that. iONWestVillage speculates that the house contains a tunnel, which we don't actually see evidence of in the listing or floorplan. Even without that, it rises to instant-obsession levels. The 6,600-square-foot house was renovated over three years by architect Jeffrey Flanigan, following its 1996 purchase for $950,000 by former French newspaper owner Jean Lignel. The renovation added light woods and metals, gallery lighting, a central courtyard and double-height living room, four outdoor areas, and a steam room. The renovation also kept the garage, which Lignel uses to store his piano and have an easy way to transport his art collection in and out. Sounds like a nice life!
Despite a nifty layout that requires a diagram (included in the above gallery) to follow, not to mention that garage, the house has had trouble finding a buyer. It first hit the market in fall 2007 for $20 million, and then it tried a new broker and asking prices of $18.5M and $16.95 million. After a year-long hiatus, it returned to the market late last year asking $14.5 million. Check out the floorplan:

· Listing: 230 West 10th Street [Corcoran]
· Gallery: 230 West 10th Street [Jeffrey Flanigan Architect]