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Another Look at the Glassy Hudson Yards Triplet Towers

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Because that's just how he rolls, Steve Cuozzo tucked this new rendering of Phase I of Hudson Yards into his column today, which we've blown up to near pixelated oblivion. Sorry, we're just that excited! These are the three towers that would rise over the eastern portion of the rail yards, the ones recently seen in model form. The caption reads, "This new rendering of Phase 1 of Hudson Yards — 26 acres between 30th and 33rd streets — shows Related’s plans for a 'superblock' of office and retail space (center), with a southernmost condo tower. Most of this phase will be built between 10th and 11th avenues. The developer projects a completion date of 2017." Can the Time Warner Center retail/office/condo combo magic work on the Far West Side?
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Hudson Yards

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